An escape game is a concept in which participants complete tasks and solve puzzles. These puzzles are mostly in the form of text, numerical, graphic ciphers and other non-traditional tasks. After solving partial puzzles, players move to other rooms until they solve the whole game. An escape room, or exit game or exit game, often has an engaging story and atmosphere. It is usually filled by 2-4 players and the playing time is most often between 60 – 75 minutes. Our escape game offers more space, so it can accommodate up to 6 players. At the same time, thanks to the implementation inside and outside, it is even longer – it takes 100 minutes.

In case of bad weather, wear suitable footwear and a jacket. The game takes place partly outside. You don’t need anything else.

The escape hut is larger than the usual room and the puzzles are designed so that more people can play in parallel at the same time. The optimal number is 4 people. The range is 2-6.

The nearest village is Kovářová, Ujčov. You will receive the exact address by e-mail after booking.

Now, during the summer holidays, the game costs CZK 999. However, we anticipate that the price will increase further.

No. Throughout the game, you will always have the opportunity to go out in the fresh air. We won’t lock you anywhere. There is also plenty of light in the cottage and, where not, flashlights are available. You never have to climb into the secret corners and rooms of the cottage, only to always find something in them.