General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions
1.1 Escape cottage Kovářová, Ujčov is operated by Mgr. Ondřej Sekanina with its registered office at Kuršova 989/18, 635 00, Brno – Bystrc, Czech Republic, IČ: 05203538, registered with the Municipal Office in Brno (hereinafter referred to as the “Operator”). Any legal and other relations arising from this are governed by these General Terms and Conditions (“GTC”) and the laws of the Czech Republic. Any disputes arising from these legal and other relations will be resolved before the general courts of the Czech Republic.
1.2 The Operator hereby reserves the right to change and / or update the wording of the GBC by publishing the current version of the GBC on the website of the escape game
Safety rules
2.1 A necessary condition for participation in any escape game operated.
The operator is an unconditional adherence to all safety and operational
rules, namely all participants who enter into a contractual relationship with the Operator
on the basis of their reservation of the relevant escape game (“Participant”).
The participant hereby agrees that if he does not comply with safety and operational
rules and instructions of the Operator, the Operator’s business premises may be excluded on the basis of the Operator’s decision without the right to a refund of the paid entrance fee or part thereof.
2.2 Before entering the relevant escape game, the participant is obliged to sign
a statement confirming that he has been made aware of all security and
operating rules and undertakes to comply with them (“Participant Declaration”). Without
it will not be possible to admit the relevant participant to the signing of the participant ‘s declaration
reserved escape games (without the right to a refund of the paid entrance fee or his


2.3 The participant participates in the escape game at his own risk.
2.4 Escape games operated by the Operator contain exciting and to a certain extent
degree of stressful or timid elements and situations. These elements and situations are part of the game and
of the story and none of the participants reaches the escape game during the duration of the escape game
really dangerous situation. During the duration of each escape game, there will be participants
be able to contact the Operator or an authorized trained person at any time, using a portable radio or physically.
2.5 If any participant has problems with any type of heart
disease or other similar illness, that participant should have this
communicate the fact to the Operator or the authorized person and consider their participation in the game with
given their state of health and the possible complications that result from it. It always applies
that each participant participates in the escape game at his own discretion and on
own danger.
2.6 Any participant who will behave during the escape game
undisciplined and / or will spoil the other participants’ experience of the game or whatever
otherwise restrict other participants during the game may be excluded on the basis of
decision of the Operator or an authorized person, without the right to a refund of the paid entrance fee or part thereof. If any participant intentionally damages the equipment and / or facilities of the escape game, he shall be liable for the damage caused and shall be excluded from the game on the basis of
decision of the Operator, without the right to a refund of the paid entrance fee or his
parts. The company accepts isolated and exceptional damage to equipment and facilities in
under normal wear and tear.


2.7 If any participant shows signs of intoxication or any intoxication
addictive substance, will not be admitted to the Operator’s business premises, at
based on the decision of the Operator or an authorized person. It also applies that the Operator
reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone at its discretion
The operator or authorized person will appear ineligible to complete the escape game from
health / safety / operational reasons.
2.8 Participants are not allowed to enter the Operator’s business premises with
any weapons or other dangerous objects that are capable of endangering
health or safety of other participants or employees of the Operator. In business
on the premises of the Operator or in their immediate vicinity is strictly prohibited
smoke. For security reasons, the participant may be asked to submit content
your personal luggage for the purpose of inspecting it for the above
dangerous objects or weapons capable of endangering the safety and health of workers
Operators or other participants.
2.9 Participants are obliged to take their personal belongings and any valuables with them
to the escape room. The operator is not responsible for the loss or theft of personal belongings or
valuables that will not be placed in the escape room.
2.10 Magnetic or electromagnetic emitting technologies are used in games
field. People with pacemakers or similar devices may become specific
information to ask the game operator. However, the operator waives in any case
liability for any medical complications associated with this fact.
Business rules
3.1 Any admission prices listed on the Operator’s website or in the business
the premises of the Operator are final. Entrance fees for escape games may vary
vary depending on the date, the game selected, the specific time of the reservation and also in
depending on the number of people. The specific price is stated in the reservation system. A link to the reservation system can be found on the Operator’s website in the Reservations section.
In the event that the participant reserves the relevant game at the selected time / selected
premises / with the selected number of players and subsequently on the basis of the participant’s decision
there is a change in the number of players / a change in the selected game / a change in the selected date, v
as a result of which the final price of the entrance fee in the given case will be reduced,
any overpayment incurred by the participant shall not be returned to the participant.
In the event that the participant reserves the relevant game at the selected time / selected
premises / with the selected number of players and subsequently on the basis of the participant’s decision
there is a change in the number of players / a change in the selected game / a change in the selected date, v
as a result of which the final price of the entrance fee in the given case will increase,
the participant is obliged to pay the arrears to the Operator.
The entrance fee is paid in cash after the end of the relevant escape game.
3.2 Weekly escape game schedules may vary and vary based on
decision of the Operator.
3.3 Group bookings are welcome and may be subject to discounted rates.
3.4 The participant is obliged to arrive at the venue of the chosen escape game
specified in the informative e-mail sent by the Operator following the execution
reservation. Please note that the meeting place is about a 3-minute walk from the escape room.


3.5 Late arrivals to the selected escape game (longer than 5 min after the booked escape game)
deadline) are not allowed. In case of a participant delay longer than 15 minutes after
the time required to complete the game begins to run on the reserved date, regardless of
presence of the participant and without the right to a refund of the entrance fee or part thereof.
3.6 Participants under the age of 15 must be present throughout the game
accompanied by a parent or other adult representative of the minor participant.
3.7 The Operator reserves the right to cancel any reservation with a full one at any time
reimbursement of the entrance fee paid by the participant.
Rules for making audiovisual recordings
4.1 Any photographing or making other audiovisual recordings in commercial
The Operator’s premises are strictly prohibited. Violation of this prohibition is punishable
a contractual penalty of CZK 5,000 and the immediate termination of the game without the right to
return of the entrance fee or part of it. The operator or an authorized person will be happy to take a reminder picture of the game after it has ended in the premises reserved for this purpose.
4.2 Participants are kindly requested by this Operator not to disseminate any
information on the content of individual escape games, in particular their plots, and
solutions. Please keep the unique experience of the escape game for everyone else
Gift vouchers
5.1 Gift vouchers Escape hut issued and sold
The operator is a voucher to the bearer in the sense of the provisions of § 1939 of the Act
No. 89/2012 Coll., the new Civil Code, as amended (hereinafter referred to as “NOZ”). Gift
By voucher, the holder who presents the gift voucher in the Úniková chata establishment is entitled to complete one escape game together with the persons selected by him, but not in a number exceeding a total of 6 persons.
5.2 Unless otherwise stated on the gift voucher, the gift voucher is valid
for a period of six months from the date of issue.
5.3 The prices of gift vouchers can be found at individual branches of Escape Huts and
vary in time. For this reason, if the price of the purchased gift voucher
exceeds the price of the escape game chosen by the holder, any difference in price with the holder
does not return the voucher. It is also true that if the price of the gift voucher does not reach
the final price of the entrance fee in the given case, the participant is obliged to pay the arrears
Pay operators.
5.4 Due to the fact that the Operator distributes gift vouchers i
through third party distributors (for example Záž, s.r.o.), the subject may be
performance on a gift voucher distributed by third parties may differ from performance
guaranteed by these GTC. If there is a discrepancy in the subject and conditions of performance
from the gift voucher, then the conditions stated on the gift voucher apply
distributed by third parties.
5.5 The gift voucher cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotions
announced by the Operator or individually offered by any of the establishments
Escape hut.
Limitation of liability
6.1 All information and data provided on the Operator’s website
they are for information and promotion only and do not contain any assurance or
guarantees that could result directly or indirectly from this information. Web access
the Operator’s website and the use of services and links provided on these websites
they are at the sole discretion and responsibility of their users.
6.2 During the provision of its services, the Operator will make every effort
about fulfilling the expectations and fulfilling all the wishes of its clients. In any case, however
it is valid that the Operator will not be liable for outages or incapacity
provide their services and fulfill their obligations in cases of “force majeure” that
The operator could not expect or reasonably prevent them, in particular (not
exclusively) floods, fires, natural disasters, strikes, war, terrorist attack, insurrection,
6.3 The operator is not responsible for any errors, typos, inaccuracies,
which may appear in information and materials published on the
Website of the Operator. The operator will also not be responsible for
any delays or outages on the website caused by cases
“Force majeure”, as well as the failure of telecommunications services, IT network failures or
related matters.
6.4 The Operator’s website may contain links to resources and
information from third parties and their websites. These links can be
used at the discretion of the users of the Operator’s website, v
however, in no case do they imply any consent or opinion of the Operator with
the content of these pages, as well as other information or advertising banners and
links used on these third party sites.
6.5 The Operator’s website contains so-called cookies for the purpose of storage
some user data. Cookies are small text files used
on the Internet to recognize visitors, simplify access and use
websites and monitoring user wishes and orders and collecting information enabling
improving the content of the Operator’s website. By filling out the reservation
the form gives the user consent to the use of cookies on the website.
6.6 The operator is not liable for any damage, lost profits or costs
arising in connection with the use of the Operator’s website and / or p
impossibility of their temporary use.
6.7 In any case of liability of the Operator towards the participant is
the amount of liability is limited by the amount of the entry fee paid by the participant for the use
services offered by the Operator.
Processing of personal data
7.1 Any personal data about clients and participants in escape games
operated by the Operator are carefully stored and secured in the data
archives of the Operator in accordance with the relevant legal regulations, especially in
in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on Personal Data (the “Act”). Any personal
the data obtained by the Operator may be used only for the needs of the Operator
and in no case will they be provided to any third party. The operator uses
personal data only and to the extent permitted by the Act, in particular the provisions
§ 5 par. 2 let. b) and § 5 paragraph 6 of the Act.
Complaints Procedure
8.1 If the Operator fails to fulfill the obligations arising from the concluded contract properly
and in a timely manner, the Subscriber may exercise his right to claim the service from the Operator.
Complaints must be made in writing (by e-mail at without
unnecessary delay. In the event that the provision of the service has not taken place, within 7 days from the date
when the service was to be provided.
8.2 The operator undertakes to decide on the received complaint within 7 working days
days. Complaints will be settled without undue delay, no later than 30 days from
on the day of receipt of the complaint. This period may be extended only with the consent of the Participant.
After the expiration of this period, the Subscriber has the right to withdraw from the concluded contract or
for a discount on the price of the service.
Withdrawal from the contract
9.1 The Operator is entitled to withdraw from the concluded contract in cases
specified in these terms and conditions. The operator is entitled from closed
withdraw from the contract in the event of a material breach of the concluded contract by the Participant.
In cases of material breach of the concluded contract by the Participant, all remains
performance paid to the Operator.
9.2 The participant has the right to withdraw from the concluded contract in the following cases:
9.2.1 in the event of a material breach of the concluded contract by the Operator;
9.2.2 in the cases specified in these terms and conditions.
9.2.3 The participant who is a consumer has the right according to § 53 paragraph 7 of Act No. 40/1964
Sb., Civil Code, as amended, withdraw from the contract
within 14 days of taking over the performance, if the contract was concluded by means
long-distance communication (internet, e-mail, telephone), without giving a reason and without
any sanctions. If the Subscriber decides to exercise this right, he must withdraw
from the contract to deliver to the Operator no later than the 14th day from the delivery of the order thus ordered
gift voucher.
9.3 Withdrawal from the contract by either party is made in writing
and must be delivered to the other contracting parties no later than 7 days after the fact
which is a reason to withdraw from the contract.
9.4 Withdrawal of any contracting party from the concluded contract, performed
in accordance with these terms and conditions and the relevant generally binding ones
legislation, the contract automatically terminates between all parties to the contract.
Sending business messages
10.1 The Subscriber agrees to the sending of information related to the goods and services
or the Operator’s company to the buyer’s electronic address and further agrees
by sending business messages by the Operator to the electronic address of the Subscriber.
Final Provisions
11.1 The rights and obligations of the contracting parties not expressly regulated in these business
conditions are governed by the Civil Code.
11.2 These terms and conditions take effect on 15.6.2020.