Story And More

1.199 Kč

100 minutes

2 – 6 persons

"I've already experienced a few escape games, but having the whole house is incomparably more great. The game had a pleasant pace and we felt like we were on vacation. Thanks to the great location, we combined the game with a pleasant walk with beautiful views of the castle."
Katka P.
Katka P.
coordinator of educational activities


In this escape game, expect to search in secret corners for objects and solve various types of tasks. All this in order to gradually open all the rooms in the cottage and solve the mystery. To solve some tasks, it will be necessary to search around the cottage. Puzzles and ciphers do not contain any modern technology. So get ready for a pleasant retro feeling of the 80s of the last century. He will explain the game at the beginning and the creator of the Escape Cottage Ondra will take care of any help during the game.

The game is suitable for 2-6 players and lasts 100 minutes. At the beginning you will meet the so-called gamemaster. He will explain the rules in detail. It doesn’t matter if this is your first game or you are an experienced escape player. Everything will be described in detail and the questions answered. The introduction takes a maximum of 10 minutes. Then you will learn the introductory part of the story and the game itself will begin.


Can you figure out the strange disappearance?

Our mysterious escape game revolves around the search for a lost girl. This will take you to an old cottage, surrounded by meadows and forests. There you will meet her desperate father who does not know what to expect. You decided to help the broken man.

On the way to the cottage, you may hear various rumors that the young girl is no longer alive, or that the eccentric father is to blame for the entire disappearance.

Her faithful collie Jack misses the girl the most. Since her disappearance, she has been wandering around and sniffing in vain. He can still feel it around. And the smell leads him to the cottage.

Solve all the puzzles, uncover the whole story and uncover the truth and find the girl. Hopefully you will be able to do it in time before all the tracks land on the dust.

Dřevěná Úniková chata s kamennými základy