An escape game can serve as a nice gift for friends or family. You can buy a voucher from us, which is valid for half a year and please someone with an original experience. Within 24 hours, you will receive a voucher by e-mail in stylish graphics with the name of the recipient.

I want a voucher

  • Fill out the form below, including the name of the recipient
  • Wait for the confirmation email with payment instructions
  • After payment, the attached voucher will arrive by email with basic information, including a unique code
  • The voucher can be printed in A5 format or forwarded electronically to the recipient
  • The recipient will choose himself / herself from the available dates according to the information in the right column I have a voucher

I have a voucher

  • Congratulations on a beautiful gift – an escape game in a forest hut!
  • If anything is not clear, call: +420 735 540 361
  • The game is best in 2-6 people, one voucher is valid for the whole group
  • You can find a link to the reservation system here
  • Choose your preferred date and fill in your details
  • Enter the code from the voucher in the last line of the form
  • Wait for the booking confirmation email with the game venue
  • A reminder email will arrive about the day before the game
  • Enjoy the game!